Scouts range in age from eleven to fifteen years.

They get to explore, learn and have new adventures with the help of both the scout programme and their leaders.

Scouts can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities including:-Camping, Backwoods Cooking, Survival Training, Pioneering, Hiking and much, much more.

The Scout programme provides the scout with the ability to learn and grow in a fun environment.

This age group work in a patrol system where two scouts from each patrol lead their group and take responsibility for the weekly activities.  The Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders are part of the Court of Honour and have a weekly input into what happens during their meetings and activities, they also help leaders plan activities and meetings as well as having input in the discipline of their scouts.

Our Scout troop meet once a week in our den.

Scout Section Kit List [sdm_download id=”2229″ fancy=”0″]

Scout Uniform Badge Positions

Scout Uniform Badge Positions

Wording taken from the Scouting Ireland Website

Wording taken from the Scouting Ireland Website

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